Sunday, 19 April 2009

In case you missed it.

I've posted this on Merlin's blog and it's our version of Parelli freestyle. Actually it's just one crazy pony training his woman to play fetch!

Merlin's freestyle or mad pony plays football!

Sunday, 12 April 2009

The Porcupine and Driving games.

Well, Toffee is very good at the porcupine game and remembered it very well, he was skeptical of the driving game, and when I got home, I check the notes and realised I had been doing it all wrong. Poor Toffee, he does try soooo hard.

Merlin on the other hand wasn't really in the mood for it at all and just took it all personally. I only tried the porcupine with him and he attacked the stick too much for me to carry on. He'll react to my hands as if they were a butterfly's wing, but the stick just makes him mad. More friendly game with the stick for him, then!

Not a disastrous try, especially as I kept it light and didn't get frustrated and both ponies had lots of cuddles, so no damage done either. We will try again, when the weather is a little better.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Friendly game.

Well, after about 8months break, I was really pleased today to find that Toffee had remembered everything I'd taught him about Parelli Level 1. We only did a very brief session and I realised that he wasn't as happy with the friendly game as I'd first thought. But he was excellent at the Porcupine and as he's a Left Brian Introvert (I could go into this in more detail, but only if requested) I finished the session quickly and with a food treat.

I then started the Friendly game with Merlin, who was far from impressed, especially when I flicked him a little too hard up the beehind! I soon got back into my stride and was able to wrap the Savvy string around him in a much more gentle fashion, and he at least accepted it. I called it a day and will repeat tomorrow.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


Well, I've not posted on this blog for a very long time for many reasons. Mainly because it's so hard keeping three going with different topics and not overlapping on my wordly rambles.

I've now decided to give the Parelli program the attention it deserves and as it's helped enormously with Merlin's training especially as it's given us a way to communicate that we both understand.

Unfortunately, the Parelli's have done away with the original format of the Levels, in favour of the Patterns. I'm not sure how this will affect my learning, as the Levels suited me very well. I like to be given step by step instructions to follow. I feel secure with this method. Telling me to go and be creative leaves me feeling nervous. But I'll give it a go and write up my progress, or lack of, here. Hopefully there'll be pictures too :)

Monday, 24 November 2008


Hows this for a handsome fella?

I took a great many pictures of Gabe when I went to visit him last week, but I think this is my favourite. It shows his deliciously long forelock, which reaches the tip of his nose! I DO NOT have Fell envy, but I was tugging Merlin's forelock a little when I brushed it today :)

Saturday, 18 October 2008

Messing around with sketches.

I haven't yet had the time to do a picture of Toffee, but now I've started sketching again, I wanted to keep the momentum going, so last night I sat down and worked from a picture. The original picture appealed to me because of the Arab's glowing colours, so I think I may turn it into a painting, just to get back into the creative flow.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

Poppy's ride

At the weekend, Poppy went for a lovely ride on Toffee, accompanied by me and my trusty camera.

This is at the entrance to our field.

At the top of the very steep track that runs down alongside the Magic Road.

Looking down the track.

On the Magic Road. The steep track is to the right of this picture and is high above the road.

Posing for the camera :)